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About Us

Founded in January 2010, Project:ff&e is a project engineering-based company that has evolved from a furniture consultancy, design and life-cycle background to become one of the UK’s leading ff&e suppliers.

We have an outstanding track record of service delivery and proactive project management via our 36-strong team of project managers, product specialists, designers and account managers.

Our business was founded on three key principles, which run through every aspect of our organisation:

Robust: Our robust approach in product design, project delivery and customer services ensures our customers receive high quality products and services that deliver value throughout their enhanced life-cycle.

Precise: Accuracy and attention to detail ensures our customers get exactly what they want, when they want it.

Partnerships: We take a long-term partnership approach with our clients to deliver the precise solutions they require.

More information about our work can be found in the case studies section of our company website.